Hey guys,how's it?

I never used to like pink much when I was younger because I thought it was too obvious a colour for a girl thanks to the phrase "all girls love pink" so I wanted to be the different one.I held on to this thought until recently when I decided some of the opinions I held back then didn't make much sense and somehow limited my choice of colours and clothes.Interesting enough ,when I started buying pink pieces,I just couldn't stop.

You cannot doubt the sweetness of this colour.It isn't too shouting and certainly isn't dull.I just love how well it goes with my maroon hair ,which is a colour I prefer to have on my head most of the time.I wore this very light ,baggy blouse just recently with a short,black skirt that I preferred to wear with dark tights and a pair of flats because there was alot of brightness going on with the blouse and matching earrings.I finished the look with my bright brown leather bag.

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Skirt-West Market