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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Hey guys!!!
Hope everything's fine this 30th of December.If you're alive today then you've come a long way coz the year ends tomorrow I mean how awesome is that?It's been a year with it's own lows but the highs certainly outdo the low moments.

Today,I'll just let the outfit speak for itself as I take stock of the highlights of my year.
1.I turned 21 this year...Finally!!Ever since I was a kid I always thought of 21 as "the year" and it's a blessing to have seen it come.I feel so grown up lol! coz my 3rd decade of life just began. 
2.I finally started my blog shortly after my birthday.This is something I had been thinking of doing for a while before I got to it .It's one of those things am so proud.It's a constructive hobby that is starting to grow into a passion,plus I put my photos to good use in the process.

3.I got a chance to do something that has always been close to my heart,modelling.I only did two runway contests this year but to me those two times count alot especially because they've made me have even more confidence in myself than I already had.
4.This year also saw me work in the corporate world for 3 months.I was attached to a company as part of my degree course where I got to see for myself just how important it is to work hard.I met lots of amazing people from many different countries and learnt so much in the process.Truly,our difference,our beauty.
5.Being a big fan of tourism,I have to appreciate the many trips I was able to go on in the course of the year with the most amazing people,my classmates.Av seen the best of my country and appreciate everything we were given,Every single place has it's own uniqueness and nothing beats that.
6.The number of concerts I attended this year are also worth recognizing because they brought me even closer to my friends and of course my one and only. Sometimes,taking time to enjoy yourself with the people you love is all you need to get by.
I don't want to fill up too much space so I'll leave the highlights at that.Most important to me though is that my family is healthy,happy and safe,I've made more friends who've made my life even better as they added to the ones I previously had,relationshipwise,I have no complaints whatsoever just lots of happiness.I thank God for everything and thank everyone whose been of help and as my year draws to a close,I must say I'm a big winner.I have nothing but a spirit of celebration.Hope it's the same for you.
Thanks for stopping by...See you in 2015.
Happy New Year.
Yours Truly
Outfit Details
Denim shirt-West Market
Chino pants-Ngara
Bag-Street market Eldoret

Saturday, 27 December 2014

 Hey Guys!!

 Of course it's time to relax a little and enjoy the company of those people you don't usually get to spend  as much time with as you would want due to the daily hustles in today's world.My hustle is my studies at the moment and because of them,I have to stay at school most of the time,which is why while am at home right now am doing my best to spend more time with my family members.

 Everyone knows that I adore my little brother and every chance I get I go out with him even if it's just for a little walk around the neighborhood which is what we did yesterday.I stepped out clad in these black pants,colorful belt,a white vest over which I threw this pink top with the pilot-able sleeves.Of course for a little stroll around I preferred flats and a little blue bag to put my phone in.Sometimes this kind of simplicity is best don't you think?

 Thanks alot Josh for taking the photos and to you for stopping by.
Happy Holidays from yours truly
Outfit Details
Vest-Langas Market
Flats-West Market
Pink Top-Mutindwa Market
Clutch-Street Market Eldoret

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Christmas Everybody Shine....Merry Christmas everyone hope y'all are fine...

 Christmas is the time of the year for family and friends to come together and count the blessing of having Jesus sent to us.A time to appreciate one another.A time to rejoice in song and dance.A time simply for merry making.A time to share with the less fortunate just to remind them that someone else cares and of course a time to look radiant in what we wear and that includes smiles too.

 That said,I chose to share images of this Indian dress with lots of glittery detail to go with my post today, "Christmas Radiance."It just goes well with it.Its a great color that just reminds me of Santa  The beauty is undoubted and is brought out in the simplest way,with just a pair of black,suede wedges,a simple hair style and some smiles.Its a cheerful dress and makes one look radiant and decent. Doesn't need too many accessories which is a good thing.

 That said please as you feast wherever you are don't pass on an opportunity to show God's love to your neighbor who just happens to include anyone in need.All the best.

Many thanks to Purity Munee for taking these amazing shots and thanks alot for stopping by..
Happy Holidays from yours truly

Outfit Details
Shoes -Eldoret
Earrings-Tom Mboya Street Nairobi

Saturday, 20 December 2014


 Hey Guys...Merry Christmas!!!

 Hope the holidays are doing you good,am just about to head home myself and forget about school for a while even though I have exams in January.Can't believe it.Anyway,I decided to put up this post of an outfit I wore on Saturday because I found it fun and cool.

 I wore this little cap with a vest and Jeans.A maroon belt to add a little difference in color and to go with my maroon hair ofcourse.I added this black jacket to go with one of my favourite pair of boots,these black suede ankle boots that just sealed the whole look and gave it a statement.

 Talk about a cool weekend look..

Thanks alot Geophry for taking these photos and thanks to you for stopping by,keep your looks fun and festive this season and don't forget to enjoy yourselves.
Yours Truly
Outfit Details
Vest-Langas Market
Belt-street market Eldoret
Boots-Donholm Market
Cap-Stage Market Eldoret
Jeans-Mutindwa Market

Monday, 15 December 2014

 Hey guys!!

 Sorry for the MIA phase last week.I had to take a bit of a break to prepare for a modelling contest that took place two days ago.It took up alot of my time but it was all worth it ,proud to say I came in third.Maybe when I get the chance to I will share some of the photos from the event.Today am also happy to be doing my 25th blog post and I'm doing it in "pretty style."

 By "pretty style" I mean being donned in this pretty little blue n white dress top I wore with some black pants and these amazing heels.I love the playful ,cute nature of the dress top which is why I felt this hairstyle would go well with it.I must say though that I think the blue part is what makes it what it is.I added some dangly black earrings and this was how it all came to be.

 Thanks alot Geophry for the shoot.

Thanks alot for stopping by today,have a lovely week.Till next time,stay confident and stylish.
Yours truly
Outfit details
Dress top-Mtindwa Market
Shoes-random store in Eldoret