Hail My Dera!!!

 Hey Guys!!!

 Finally I get to post on my dera.You might remember seeing it in my cultural week pieces.This beautiful dress is part of Swahili attire worn especially at the coast.It usually comes in one large size and requires one to get it tailored to their own fit.It incorporates the tie and dye concept which explains the beautiful colour layout.This piece of clothing is very comfortable and covers just enough without making one look overdressed.

 It doesn't usually come with a belt or even a place to tie one around,this black one is one I tied around my waist area after making some holes at the sides to incorporate it so my waist wouldn't be lost.It added to the femininity of the dress.I wore this on a Sunday.Talk about feeling like a lady!!I felt beautiful clad in this.I just wore it with some simple sandals,green button earrings and let my hair down.

Thanks alot for stopping by...Till next time stay stylish and keep the fabulous up..
Yours truly
Outfit details
Dera-A schoolmate from Mombasa
Belt-West Market



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