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Thursday, 28 July 2016


 Hey guys! 
Don't be fooled by how beautifully bright these photos and my outfit look.It's been pouring heavily out here.I took these photos some weeks ago when the sun was with us every other day.I've had enough of these rainy days that have seen me poured on severely on a number of days.So I just thought guys are enjoying summer elsewhere so it might be a good idea to share nice and bright colors.
It's interesting that this pleated top somehow makes me look bigger than I actually am but I don't mind it.In fact,I absolutely love it.Beautiful and orange it is ,perfect for sunny days.I turned to this yellow scarf yet again to cover my hair before I could go get it done at the salon.I have always loved how brown and orange work so smoothly together so by all means,this brown ,woven bag and a lighter brown skinny belt had to be included.Of course the belt does a great job rediscovering my almost lost waistline.I haven't worn these brogues in quite some time so I thought,why not?

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Brogues-Store in Eldoret
Bag-Street Market Eldoret

Monday, 25 July 2016


Hello Guys!
This is one of the oldest dresses I own.There was actually a time when I never even owned a dress.Scratch that, I only had one .Don't get me wrong,I've always been a girlie girl, it's just that I knew how to bring out the girl in me in all those pants.One thrifting trip that saw me come across a pink and a white dress changed everything.These days,I find myself wearing dresses very often.I bought this one long ago.Nice, simple and strapless.It's one that I can wear in so many different ways and I love it.My favorite is how I styled it for my " how to wear a plaid shirt" series here.
So I was wondering what to wear for an afternoon outing this day and it just hit me,the little blue dress.The sunshine outside was perfect for this kind.Best part about a dress,when you wear it,you're already almost done.I was searching for a darker belt amongst the ones I own and suddenly decided to go all bright with a bright pink one.I decided to make things easier by matching my loops with my belt and finished with a cute pair of open shoes.

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Shoes-Shop in Eldoret 

Prom Dresses 2017 at

Saturday, 23 July 2016


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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Hiiiii Haaaa! Or atleast that's what I normally hear cowboys say everytime(I think).Yo, I'm a Kenyan girl with a dream.Can't go to the country so I'm bringing the country to myself.
Buenos Dias a todos.Como estais? Yeah,my Spanish hasn't left me.A little beautiful bird told me it was country concert season somewhere and I'm glad she did because I got challenged. Challenged  by King Ranch to style an outfit I'd wear to one of those.
I have always loved the country style of dressing.I was so excited I ended up styling two looks.Can I just say,I see where watching all those Alejandros,Claritas,Pedros,Louisas,Maria de Samparadas ,Emilianos,in short all that Telemundo got me.I used to have an addiction to those soaps when I was a kid and a teen.I must say,those people have great culture.Anyway,wasn't just me,my baby sister too which explains how she ended up forcing me literally to buy this pink hat some years back.
I am generally a person with a preference of wearing jeans to concerts .I love concerts .So for this country look I wore these jeans with my cowgirl boots. If you're looking to complete your country look this season you could check out these other great
cowgirl bootsI only have one such hat,something I'm about to change soon.I also love wearing leather, metallics and dark colors to concerts so I incorporated that into this look by going for this black crop top with a heart that gives a metallic feel to this look not to mention the silver sequins on my hat.Of course,one last thing,the bandana and what better way to go than brown to go with my belt and earrings.
I'd love to attend one of those by the way especially if it's got Carrie Underwood performing.I'd bring my friends along and we'd dance to all that music.
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Crop top-West Market
Boots-West Market

Sunday, 17 July 2016


Sure I have very sensitive skin.Like I literally get sun burns,sometimes bad burns when I walk under the sun too long without sunscreen on, to think I'm not even light skinned.It happens but there's no denying that I love the sun.I love to feel the rays against my skin.It's just a pity I don't live at the coast where there's a beautiful beach for me to lounge on and the sun always shines,well at least most of the time.Oh I miss the good weather.Today the sun came out and it was very warm earlier.I thought it'd be here to stay but no, it's raining heavily again now so I'm indoors doing this random Sunday post,remembering the good ol' sunny days back in school.I never got to post these pictures so here.
I'd been basking all morning at the roof top of this building since I had no classes back on this particular day some months ago. I always  loved being up there whenever I wanted to think,relax or have a nice little chat with one or two friends.I was starting to get a bit sweaty around my face but before descending,I had to take these pictures and I'm glad I did.
So despite not going anywhere all day, a girl's gotta look nice even when wearing a laid back outfit.I hate the idea of having an encounter with people looking my worst.The idea scares me.A comfortable outfit is exactly what I needed so I chose to wear this purple chiffon top with some white addition.Purple remains my favorite color.It's a pretty one whose brightness is just enough.I threw on a comfortable pair of jeans and wore some black flats.I added the necklace so I wouldn't look so plain and this hat completed the simple look.

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