25Th Pretty Milestone

 Hey guys!!

 Sorry for the MIA phase last week.I had to take a bit of a break to prepare for a modelling contest that took place two days ago.It took up alot of my time but it was all worth it ,proud to say I came in third.Maybe when I get the chance to I will share some of the photos from the event.Today am also happy to be doing my 25th blog post and I'm doing it in "pretty style."

 By "pretty style" I mean being donned in this pretty little blue n white dress top I wore with some black pants and these amazing heels.I love the playful ,cute nature of the dress top which is why I felt this hairstyle would go well with it.I must say though that I think the blue part is what makes it what it is.I added some dangly black earrings and this was how it all came to be.

 Thanks alot Geophry for the shoot.

Thanks alot for stopping by today,have a lovely week.Till next time,stay confident and stylish.
Yours truly
Outfit details
Dress top-Mtindwa Market
Shoes-random store in Eldoret


  1. I love love the little blue little white top

    1. Thank You Charline...You should try something like it sometime.

  2. 🤞🤞I like that blouse. It looks good on you.Just like my favorite lace front human hair wigs