Suburban Simplicity

 Hey Guys!!

 Of course it's time to relax a little and enjoy the company of those people you don't usually get to spend  as much time with as you would want due to the daily hustles in today's world.My hustle is my studies at the moment and because of them,I have to stay at school most of the time,which is why while am at home right now am doing my best to spend more time with my family members.

 Everyone knows that I adore my little brother and every chance I get I go out with him even if it's just for a little walk around the neighborhood which is what we did yesterday.I stepped out clad in these black pants,colorful belt,a white vest over which I threw this pink top with the pilot-able sleeves.Of course for a little stroll around I preferred flats and a little blue bag to put my phone in.Sometimes this kind of simplicity is best don't you think?

 Thanks alot Josh for taking the photos and to you for stopping by.
Happy Holidays from yours truly
Outfit Details
Vest-Langas Market
Flats-West Market
Pink Top-Mutindwa Market
Clutch-Street Market Eldoret


  1. For the first time I read the blog after many days of ignoring it, keep up with the spirit

    1. Thanks alot Charles...hope you'll share the link too once in a while and feel free to always stop by

  2. Looking good and tell josh he makes a good photographer��

    1. Thanks Geophry and I will certainly tell him that