Christmas Radiance

Christmas Christmas Everybody Shine....Merry Christmas everyone hope y'all are fine...

 Christmas is the time of the year for family and friends to come together and count the blessing of having Jesus sent to us.A time to appreciate one another.A time to rejoice in song and dance.A time simply for merry making.A time to share with the less fortunate just to remind them that someone else cares and of course a time to look radiant in what we wear and that includes smiles too.

 That said,I chose to share images of this Indian dress with lots of glittery detail to go with my post today, "Christmas Radiance."It just goes well with it.Its a great color that just reminds me of Santa  The beauty is undoubted and is brought out in the simplest way,with just a pair of black,suede wedges,a simple hair style and some smiles.Its a cheerful dress and makes one look radiant and decent. Doesn't need too many accessories which is a good thing.

 That said please as you feast wherever you are don't pass on an opportunity to show God's love to your neighbor who just happens to include anyone in need.All the best.

Many thanks to Purity Munee for taking these amazing shots and thanks alot for stopping by..
Happy Holidays from yours truly

Outfit Details
Shoes -Eldoret
Earrings-Tom Mboya Street Nairobi


  1. Nyc pic to lighten up this Christmas mood,looking undoubtedly beautiful