Zaful Valentines Day Sale 2018

Hey guys!!
Zaful Valentines day sale is also already here with us and I am going to be taking advantage of it for sure.If you have been following my blog you will agree that I wear items from Zaful quite a lot because it is one of the easiest sites to shop from and so the Valentines day sale is a big blessing to me.I have been obsessing over a couple of items that I really would like to wear on a day like Valentines and I thought it best to share these two combination of looks.

The first combination has a lot of black but black is beautiful.I chose the embroidered sweater because it looks so beautiful and eye catching and I'm always here for embroidered stuff,  high waist bell bottom pants because I think the sweater tucked in these would look so classy, the rhinestone embelished earringsthe pearled crossbody bag because it's so pretty and classy and for some reason matches the sweater so well and fringed sandals because they are a great height and the fringe makes the look more fun.
The second combination is a more night time one.I went for a velvet dress in navy, some simple earrings, a flap evening bag in silver and the same fringed sandals for an evening look.I think these colors are perfect precisely for that kind of classy evening setting.So guys you really should take advantage of the Zaful Valentines day sale 2018 because there is really so much to choose from.
Thanks for stopping by