Flowy Fabulous


Hey guys,hope y'all are fine .Yeey my very first blog post am super excited,hope I get this right.

So its in those evenings amidst being thankful for having survived a hard day that taking photos at the end of it all despite the fatigue seems like a fabulous thing to do.Knowing that I'd have to be up and down all over town trying to look into and sort out some pending issues under the hot sun,I figured a sleeveless,light,long, flowy vintage style top would get me through the day just fine.
It's also got some slits at the side and a little one at the front right below its last button added to its style.
I paired it with some black tights and added a skinny black belt to accentuate my waist ofcourse seeing that the top is oversize and wore some black peep toe heels comfortable enough to walk in the whole day.I had my natural hair in a simple style and no make up on except some eye shadow that I'd wiped off earlier.Simple black earrings with a touch of silver to match the silvery detail on my shoes and belt completed the look and by evening this is how everything looked.Still put together and I got home just in time for my little brother to take these photos.I must say the little man did a fantastic job.

Thanks for stopping by
Yours truly

Outfit details-Top -thrifted
Tights-West Market Eldoret
Shoes-Random store in town(Eldoret)
Belt-street market


  1. great look,its all lovely...and the shoes simply wow

  2. sophie when I come back home am coming for the top,its nice

    1. haha good thing you didn't remember to take it