A Red Statement

 Hey Guys...I am so excited to be posting today.Woke up in a very good mood,its one of those days where everything just seems to be going right,but it all started yesterday.

So this is what I wore yesterday after changing my mind several times.Initially I just couldn't decide on what to wear after realizing that I couldn't go with my plan A seeing that it involved a pair of high heeled boots, but my foot hurt so badly after I sprained it on Wednesday that wearing flats was inevitable.I had to find a plan B that would go well with them.

I decided to wear these high waisted pants that I absolutely love coz they fit so perfectly,with a slightly oversize white t-shirt which I tucked in.

The look was a bit too simple so I decided to add more color more light,call it a red statement using a red belt,red earrings and these beautiful red pearls.I really have a thing for pearls these days,but can you blame me?They're pretty and classy.

 I carried my favourite bag,this brown one because it's usually so simple and easy to carry around,plus its leather and ofcourse wore some black flats so as to give my foot some relaxation and avoid worsening the injury.Don't you just love a nice casual outfit?

Just when I'd had enough of my lecturer who decided to punish us by giving us a difficult assessment test then keeping us in an afternoon class for four consecutive hours instead of the expected two,we received some awesome news.One more cutie added to this world by a friend.She got this beautiful baby girl yesterday and I had the honor, for the first time in my life of seeing a new born just a few hours after her birth and taking her first photos alongside some classmates.It was amazing and after witnessing something so beautiful,what could possibly go wrong?I also got something I'd wanted for a while later that eve from a friend and it meant alot to me.The happiness extended to today I guess.

Thanks alot for looking in, please feel free to leave a comment below the post,and again a big congratulations to our friend on your baby girl.Thanks to Scola for the photography.God bless you all,bye.
Yours Truly
Outfit details
Tee-Langas Market
Jeans-Mutindwa  Market
Pearl necklace-Tom Mboya Street Nairobi.
Shoes-West Market 
Bag-Langas Market.


  1. Awesome work your doing there Sophie! Keep it up!! Your truly a fashionista.

  2. I love the pearls and am definitely getting me some high waist jeans

    1. Thanks Charlie...believe me go get 'em ...easy to wear n they are fun to style