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Hello everyone,how you doing? I hadn't been to my church in a long long time,please don't judge me,but I promise there's a good explanation for that.Anyway am still a believer and it was great to go back there this past Sunday.Its interesting though how conservatively people dress when going to church.The longest dresses,the most decent,etc. However its sad that some think that just because it's church they are allowed to look "not good" because no one is supposed to judge them there. I believe though that as much as you would like to look very simple when going to church,dress the part but incorporate your everyday style into it.Don't just choose the least stylish or something you are not too enthusiastic about just because it's church.Be true to yourself.

I love black dresses so I wore this almost midi sleeveless one with a black pair of closed wedge shoes.I added  a cream bolero top to make it appropriate for the place because the dress has a bit of a low neck line,but removed it later.For accessories,I decided on matching,green ,pearl earrings and neck piece.I don't know why but I feel like pearls are perfect if you're looking to add some class to a simple outfit.I carried this animal print bag that I absolutely love to add the much needed final touch to the look.

As usual my brother did a great photography job when I went home for a visit after church.Thanks to him and many more to you for stopping by.Till next time,Ciao!

Yours truly

Outfit Details
Shoes-Random shop in Eldoret
Bag- Street Market(Eldoret)
Pearls-Accessory shop in Nakuru

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