Cultural Week Final Highlights

Hey guys,how you doing?
Am glad today I get to finish posting highlights of the past week so that I get back to my personal style posts.Its been fun though and I hope you enjoyed keeping up with my campus' cultural week.Here's more;

I seem to be in love with these Indian outfits.They are just awesome, decent and very comfortable.I had this maroon one on for a pose with these two guys Isaac and Edu. Isaac went cultural in a kanzu complete with an arafat and sandals.

He certainly didn't forget the little cap,while Edu kept it modern.

I later posed with Maimuna Siraj who wore what she wears best,her swahili attire except that this time it was fully in line with the week's theme,better yet the day's too.Victor also clad himself in typical Swahili style except that he didn't add the lil cap.

Now am begining to think these kanzus make people look more grown and mature,I mean look at one half of Notty Wanda's outfit below..

U huh!! well I'd been rocking alot of Asian cultural outfits throughout the week but I did my best to find something Kenyan.Something swahili. And I did,but first,the guy in this picture is Basil Onyango clad in full maasai attire,am sorry I accidentally deleted the picture showing everything he wore from top to bottom,but it was awesome.

Mine was a swahili dera whose details I will give on a subsequent post but I loved it.It made me feel like such a lady.

Dennis also went coastal in an arafat,matching hat and a leso.I think he pulled it off real good and the white tee certainly allowed for the beauty of the rest of the colours to be seen.

Below,Eddie and J-lo looking all wonderful .
Eddie's outfit was I think everyone's favourite that Friday.The print on the clothes and hat plus the accessories and sandals looked all stylish and amazingly put together. Nice fit.
Hellen also looked simply beautiful.She went artistic in this animal print dress,pulled her hair back and wore some simply designed sandals.

For Faith an Indian outfit pretty much did it,she looked lovely and by the way that brown bag,I so love and thanks for posing for the photo coz I know you were in a rush that afternoon on your way to class.

This is Yvonne in a black and white Swahili dera adding hints of red and Cate wearing an African print skirt with a modern touch to her look.
Culture defines us and the fact that different people with different cultures could embrace each other's ways of life is something beautiful.I just want to say thanks to all those who posed for all these pictures taken last week,all those who took photos of me and ofcourse the guy behind the week's success Kevin who is the entertainment director at school.
Thanks alot for stopping by.
Yours truly,