Cultural Week Part 1

Hey guys,hope you're all fine...As I promised earlier this week,am going to be featuring the cultural week on the blog.Here it goes,just part one coz there's more to come..Its an amazing feel around campus.Suddenly the area looks prettier and much livelier as opposed to the normal old boring look it usually has.Beautiful decor and a wide display of artistic items welcomes you into the school building...People really went out of their way to showcase  their favorites in line with the theme of art and culture.So much to see.Today I'll start with some of the beautifully worn outfits of Monday.

1.Heart poses with Robert in her orange African dress which she paired with some strappy sandals with a touch of orange to match her dress.You've gopt to love the way she worked it with her short natural hair the way only a true African beauty would.
2.Linda struck a pose in her beautifully made African print peplum top.She went for minimal jewellery,just a pearl neckpiece and added a modern touch to the look by wearing some jeans and a pair of flats.
Linda and her friend Edu.
3.One of my favourite people my roommate Charline basked in the glory of her Swahili dera that morning with some African sandals to complete her Swahili look for the day.
She also posed with a friend Jimmy,cute photo.

4.Mercy Kosgei workin' it in her one shoulder blue print Ankara dress which was lovely and paired it with some very simple flat sandals.

5. You've gotta love a guy in full Maasai attire.Dennis Kinuthia looked amazing in his authentic Maasai outfit.He didn't forget to add a neck piece  This was even more interesting because its something totally different from what we see him in on a normal day.
6.This lady,Miss Tune Mohammed posed with her friend Mark in her buibui. She kept it simple and authentic.
7.Mercy,a very good friend of mine went very artistic with a splash of colors on her pants.This to be quite honest was one of my favourite looks of the day.She went with a long necklace and more  colorful with pink sandals.Her hair was perfect for the look too.Good job girl.

8.My roommate Yvonne went for a floral strapless dress with a simple hairdo and just a brown bracelet to accessorise.She wore this simple sandals to complete her look.
9.Meet J-Lo guys, yeah we do have our own J-Lo down here.She rocked this jacket that fit her oh so perfectly and I must say I love her hair.She also modernized her look with a pair of jeans and flats.
10.I wasn't able to get this lovely lady's name but she was clad in arab style.I think the black buibui and her well done make up gives a beautiful contrast to her very fair skin.

And ofcourse yours truly, well I went Indian in this simple blue top but added a modern touch by wearing a pair of tights.I won't get to the details of my attire coz I'll post them probably next week so please stay tuned,but just a sneak peak,this was it.

That's me with J-Lo.
Thanks for stopping by,next post,more of the displays and more fashion.Bye.
Yours Truly


  1. I love love cultural events, wat better day to pull on that kitenge dress and noone calls u outdated,,,, #EmbrassingCulture

    1. Exactly,and wearing all these outfits during the week certainly made us feel cool.

  2. this was one of my best weeks in campus
    cant wait for next year to see it more spiced up

  3. Love your work Sophie keep it up.kudos....gorgeous outfits there

    1. Thanks J-lo,I agree the dressing was on point

  4. Goodwork sophie... good use of language and perfects shots...