Cultural Week Part 2

Hey guys,hope all's well,sorry I didn't post on Friday,there was too much to handle but thank God am back with the 2nd part of the cultural week highlights.
Remember when I said the displays were just amazing,this is what I meant.
 This is Richard NKuria,the guy behind all these amazing drawings you're about to  see.

I don't really know much about art but I do know a good drawing when I see one and all these,are simply amazing.It's amazing how gifted he is in art. He says its a passion that grew in him since his childhood days.I must confess that his art pieces were my favourite displays last week so good job Richard.

Lots if hand made jewellery also showcased by various people.

I posed with these two guys who like to be identified as Notty Wanda,a combo of their names Nottie B and Den Wanda.They had some amazing displays throughout the week.They say they're singers and designers.Impressive huh?They have a song out you could listen to it on or check out the site and are working on a video.

Above,Jenifer talking to people about her art work.

Lesos and kangas were also on display

A lot of modern jewellery was also on display
Well,if you were hungry,there were a lot of delicacies to take care of that,I wasn't able to get too many shots of them coz I was late for an afternoon class but,here are just a few.

Erick Kabukuru was one of those who made sure if you couldn't walk to school,which by the way is very far from the hostels,you would atleast get a taste of the good stuff on the food fest day at the hostels.
Aside from these displays,alot more cultural fashion was showcased,and I will post the outfits on the final part of our cultural week special(if I may call it that)
Thanks alot for stopping by,til next time,ByeBye
Yours truly


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