Dress To Cheer

Whether we realize it or not,the way we dress often sends a message to others,which is why its very important to be keen on what we wear to certain places.

That is why when my brother woke up ill on Sunday and I immediately figured that I'd be the one to take him to a pediatrician,I knew I had to wear something that would counter the dull mood I'd find among the sick kids.The perfect dress that looks cheerful enough to raise anyone's spirits even just for a while.I wore a white skater dress that's young, fun and gives a sense of freedom, I mean I could twirl in it all day.

I wore it with a pink,pearl neck piece and matching pearl earrings just to add a little sweetness to the neutral, white dress,which by the way has this lace detail at the bottom adding something extra to its simplicity that I absolutely love.

I carried my chocolate brown woven bag just to add an unexpected color to the mix.

I preferred my hair in a simple style and finished the look with a pair of comfortable black shoes.The perfect ensemble to cheer someone up,right? But as usual I carried the best accessory which is also the least expensive ,a smile.

Remember,life is a succession of lessons,which must be lived to be understood.

Thanks for stopping by,
Yours truly,

Outfit details
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret town
Bag-Langas Market
Pearls-Random accessory shop in Nakuru