Harem Love

Hey guys,TGIF hope you're all ready for the weekend.I know I am.Am feeling happy coz two of my friends have birthdays today and also relaxed because I'm free for the better part of the day.Let me go straight to my outfit post today.

About the hair,I don't know,back in high school I used to hate having to push it all back in a hairband like this maybe because it was compulsory and we all know doing things just because you've been forced to is usually very hard,but nowadays every once in a while I find myself doing it when its too windy or when am going to do some thrifting. Not too often since it makes me look like I have no hair.

I wore this simple black blouse with some harem pants.I have a thing for animal print so when I saw the pants I knew I had to have them.The first time I wore them I wasn't quite satisfied, something wasn't right so I decided to take them to my tailor for some altering here and there and this was the outcome.I love,I love.

I wore these black suede wedge shoes that scream comfort and accessorised with button earrings with the same print as my pants,a brown neckpiece and a matching brown bracelet.I also carried my favourite bag,this simple,brown,leather clutch bag and I was good to go.I wore this last Friday when I went thrifting with my roommate Charline.

Thanks Charline for the photography, great job.
Thank you for stopping by,nice weekend.Ciao!
Yours truly,

Outfit details
Blouse-Street market,Eldoret
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret
Bag-Langas Market
Neck piece and Bracelet-Maasai Mara Reserve


  1. Awesome!looking goood

  2. Awesome!loving your work

  3. Your face looks radiant. Unakula nini?

  4. Thanks Enid,thats a lovely photo girl.Well av always had problematic skin but using olive oil on my face daily has helped a great deal.