I'm Black with Fun

Hello everybody...Friday again. Thank God the weekend's here...First before I continue I want to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Marion,she's far away but from my heart I wish her all the best.You are a very special girl Marie ,may God bless you. 
Well  for those who mark this,HAPPY HALLOWEEN.I wish Kenyan's had a thing for halloween,it's very funny that so many people here don't even understand what its all about.It would be so much fun to see more people in costumes.Oh well it's all good I guess.

Anyway am sorry for not posting on Monday and Wednesday,let's just say its's been a long week but yeeey am here now,black with fun  (ok literally I just mean to say am back,in a fun black dress except I couldn't use that as a title coz it's too long).
I love such dresses and the fact that I have it in black is even better.Its fun and youthful and just makes me feel free.I must say I would like to have one like the one Giuliana rancic has on in that Fashion Police ad,the purple one coz its amazing.

I wore the dress with some black stockings and some black flats.Again,since lately I seem to have a thing for red accessories,I wore this red waist belt and some red earrings.

I also added this fun bag to complete the package.Forgive my shrunken hair please,its part of being an African girl though but atleast I was still able to style it simply.I also wore this wooden bracelet.

Thank you so much Ciku for taking my photos ,it was so much fun,and look what an amazing job you did.

Thank you so much for stopping by,have a great weekend.Till next time,stay stylish.
Yours truly

Outfit details
Dress-Mutindwa Market
Belt-Random market in Eldoret
Flats-West Market
Bag-Random market in Eldoret.
Bracelet-Tom mboya street,Nairobi


  1. topa di topa outfit .....nimelike

  2. Happy Birthday to your sister. I love your bracelet and your bag is very cute and colourful.

    Princess Audu

    1. Oh my!! my eyes almost fell when I saw your comment...Thanks for the compliments I love the bracelet too,and I have sent my sister your birthday wish