The Unexpected

Hey guys I hope you're all doing great.

Just saying, I hope the frustrations I'd faced on Monday which is the day these photos were taken are not visible.Everything went unexpectedly wrong on Monday.Believe me I almost had smoke literally coming out of my ears because I was so pissed off  by the sudden turn of events but in the evening I decided to just accept the things I couldn't change and to change those I could and wanted to.Thank God I was in yellow.Its supposed to be an optimistic colour right?

 So the post isn't titled "The Unexpected" because of the sudden turn of events,rather because when I bought these shorts about a month ago,I was to wear them with a white vest for a casual Saturday but when I was arranging my clothes on Sunday evening,I randomly put the yellow chiffon blouse on top of the shorts .When I saw the colour combination,I actually loved it and decided it was what I would wear that Monday.

And when I did,voila,I liked it.It was decent enough to go get some forms signed at two school offices and perfect for all the errands I had to run and the stuff I had to move to my hostel room for the semester,a lot of stuff.

I added a silver skinny belt to match the buttons and tiny decorations on my shorts,wore some dangly black earrings with silvery detail and carried this little black bag I took from my sister a long time ago.

Ofcourse,some very comfortable heels were in order to add some class to the laid back outfit.Please forgive some of the dust on my shoes. It's a dusty town I tell you.

Thanks for stopping by,
Yours truly

Outfit details
Blouse-Random store in Eldoret
Shorts- Thrifted
Belt-Street market(Eldoret town)
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret town