Ultimate Dress Down

Hello Everybody...Hope you're all fine.So I'd been terribly busy for quite a while and had it even rougher on Monday and Tuesday,but on Wednesday its like all heaven broke loose(well if there's such a thing).Freedom at last.There's nothing better than having a totally free day in the middle of the week, so I did what I'd like to simply call "The Sophie Dress Down."

Its actually very easy to dress down especially if you're going nowhere,but I always choose an outfit that's comfortable enough to relax in and sane enough to run across town in incase of something sudden.An emergency.

My outfit for the day,a little ,black,long-sleeved top that I've had for years, its like an old friend, paired with these high waist pants I love so much,I bought them because I thought they were such a steal and added a skinny red belt just to make a statement since the top and pants are neutral.

Ofcourse being a miss matchy matchy,I wore a pair of red earrings to match my belt and finished the look by wearing these black,suede shoes that are oh so comfy.

Most of my hair was ofcourse held in a hairband because it was very windy outside plus,who wants to struggle with a sophisticated hairdo on a day with no mandatory activity and nowhere to go . Ok I wear it this way very often.Gosh I hadn't felt that relaxed in a while and doing this shoot was so much fun.Look I even had time to try out that J-Lo face that makes her look like she's blowing with the "dim eyes."

Clearly I didn't quite manage to pull it off the way she does. Not too many can I guess. Such a simple and clean look and I enjoyed it.

Many thanks to my friend Robert for taking these photos of me and ofcourse thank you all for stopping by.
Yours truly

Outfit details.
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret town
Belt-Tom Mboya Street,Nairobi