With Pride and Joy


Hey guys...how you doing? Me,well I'm more than great.What I feel today is pride and so much happiness. Am full of great expectations for the remaining days of this week.See its Cultural week, today is only Monday but am already more than happy with the way things are going, proud even. Yeah,I know today's outfit post does not depict anything cultural but believe me am dressed for the occasion as I write ,its just that I took so many photos today of myself and others around school so I have to sort them all out first before I post them.They're great so stay tuned guys, alot of good stuff coming up in my subsequent posts.Stuff on fashion, art and culture this week.

To my outfit post today,I love a good tee on a weekend and this one did it right for the warm Saturday that was, following a rainy night.A lovely blue one with this amazing print around the chest area.It's pretty simple really and I chose to wear it with a black pair of skinnies and to add some power(if I may say so), one of my favorite pair of boots.Am obsessed with these babies right here.Paired with the pants,they make my legs look longer and they're comfortable too.

I went for blue earrings and again this little black bag I took from my youngest sister a while back coz I just couldn't resist it.I wore this to run very few errands last Saturday and I was happy with the whole outfit, Simple look huh,what do you think guys?

Thanks for stopping by,remember there's alot to look forward to in my next post .Even I am excited.
Au revoir for now guys.Till next time God bless.
Yours truly

Outfit details
T-shirt -Thrifted
Pants-Buru Buru
Boots-Street market in Eldoret
Earrings-Random shop in Nairobi's Tom Mboya Street