A Little Indian,Little Blue

Namaste guys...I believe that's Indian for hello! Hope all is well.First I just have to say,today am feeling so encouraged.I have always believed that I can achieve great things with God on my side and my confidence but am even more convinced today.My reason may not seem that big to many but it is to me in that when I was going through my comments and saw one from Sarah Audu,a blogger whose blog I love love love, I thought "I am so getting there" so thanks girl and thanks to all who read my posts,and for the comments.

You might remember this outfit from two or three photos I posted during cultural week,and as promised,I am giving details on the outfit today.

I wonder why lately I seem to be in love with Asian attire and this Indian top is one of my favorites  It was just right for the theme of that Monday which was "Fashion and Culture" and its simplicity was an added advantage seeing that for some reason my classes that day had been cancelled.I was as free as a bird and just enjoyed taking photos of people dressed for the occasion.

It's beautifully blue and has this embroidery that adds something extra to its simplicity.
Seeing that it has all that artistic work going on,I went for minimal jewellery,just a pair of white n gold earrings. Incase you've noticed and have been wondering why I always have this particular Maasai bracelet with the Kenyan flag on,it's coz it was given to me by someone very special and has their name on it.I never remove it.I also wore it with some black tights instead of those blue Indian pants coz I didn't want to look too blue.
I would like to say that wearing these sandals was part of the plan,but I'd be lying.I had gone home the Sunday before this day and when I looked for the flat golden gladiator sandals I was to wear with this outfit,they were missing.So much for having two sisters both younger than me and I still don't know which one took them,so I opted for these simple sandals instead in spite of all the dust.

Thanks alot Brian for taking my photos and many thanks to you for stopping by.I end by echoing this quote by Mark Twain:Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.Bye
Yours truly
Outfit details
Indian top-West Market
Tights-West Market
Earrings-Tom Mboya Street Nairobi.


  1. Well i dont even Know how i got here…Im always trying to find fashion bloggers to inspire. Well i was right this is one of the blogs i would like to hear more about! I like your fashion style, you look great with those outfits. Keep on!

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