Accentuated !!!

 Hey guys!!
So between my mum and my waist,there has always been a conflict.She thinks my waist is too tiny but I love it that way.It's something I really celebrate which is why I find any excuse to flaunt it using waist belts,high waisted pants,skinny belts,etc anything that allows me to accentuate it..I'm also a big fan of skater dresses and tops that allow me to show it off,like this green one.

I love the green colour and the black detail around the neck area and the sleeve,so I paired it with some black pants and synched myself in with this black skinny belt.I wore these black peep toes and to add contrast to the green top,I carried my blue woven clutch bag.

I know it looks almost as if I have no hair here,I just brushed and clipped it flat at the back coz it was too windy.

Thanks alot Charline for taking all these photos...It was fun.

I end by repeating something that has been said over and over:A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.I agree with this statement by Will Smith.

Thanks for stopping by.
Yours truly
Outfit details
Shoes-Random shop in Eldoret town
Bag-Street market in Eldoret.


  1. Tu est magnifiqueJe l'adore

  2. I like your fashion blog. Blogs like that inspire me for my job. Cool outfit and nice combination!