Church Girl Appearances

Hello everyone..

 Never in my dreams did I see myself  in a pleated floral skirt.I always thought of them as old fashioned but when I saw this one,I had to have it.I wore it to church with this simple top , a pair of black heels and opted to carry a black bag.I also decided to tie this brown belt around my waist to synch me in and added a brown bracelet.The look gave me a vintage kind of feel to be honest and I was very happy with it.

 Decent, classy and pretty enough for church I blieve.
Thanks alot to my sister Lorin for taking my photos,she even managed to bring out the vintage feel through these pictures.

 Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment.Till next time,God bless!!
Yours Truly
Outfit details
Skirt-West Market
Top-Langas Market
Shoes-Shop in Eldoret
Bag-Street Market in Eldoret
Belt-Street market


  1. wow this is so awesome bt where are other church girls

    1. It's just me on the post,maybe next time I will feature some of them

    2. Truly beauty things is in the church..super-awesome look������

    3. Thanks Geophry,I agree,beautiful things in church lol