Pink,Red and Serious Stuff

 Hey guys,I know it's been a while ,how you doing...

So I've had these photos for a while and I thought I should share them on today's post because the outfit sort of depicts my mood today.Pink because I feel this sense of assurance that a number of things I've been doing will bear fruit very soon and red because it's the color of action and passion just to signify my determination to make all these things work together for good.So much faith huh?Well,the serious stuff on the title is there just because it's an outfit fit for the corporate world,no big reason I mean I would wear this to a meeting.

I loved the pink and red combo that sunny day and the best part of it all was that my bag matched the two colors.It was an easy look to put together of course because the pants are plain black and the shoes are really simple.I wore it to my first serious class of this semester .

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Yours truly
Outfit details
Blouse-West Market
Belt-Tom Mboya Street
Bag-Street market in Eldoret
Pants-Buru Buru
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret.