Purple In The Sun

Hey guys...
So in this life we are blessed to have so many people around us but its sad that most of the time we just don't appreciate them enough.However,it's on days like these that celebrating an important person's presence is inevitable.Today,I am celebrating the life of my favorite person in the world,my one and only brother .HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH( just had to put it all in capital letters) may God bless you with many more years so that you can  bring more happiness to even more people.He's now 11 gosh he grew so big so fast and I can't help but feel blessed to have him.

To my outfit post...I have on this purple chiffon dress that is both simple and beautiful...Purple is my favorite colour and wearing it during the warm sunny weather just pleases me . I love the length and the detail around the neck.The decor in form of a zipper around the waist area pretty much does it for me.I kept it simple by wearing it with peep toe heels and carried a simple clutch bag.I wore these white earrings and I was good to go

I want to say a big thank you to Geophry,for taking my photos on this beautiful ,both sunny and windy day.I appreciate the patience lol.

Remember never take people around you for granted because there's a reason why they are all there.

Thanks for stopping by,till next time,keep it fabulous.
Yours truly
Outfit Details
Shoes-Random shop in Eldoret


  1. Looking flashy and awesome..you making your blog look flowerly