Scarf-ed On a Feel Good Morning

Hello people!!
It's very interesting that for a long time I couldn't find it in me to wear red because I was just tired of it.Having been clad in an almost all red high school uniform for four years ,when I was done I figured I had been seen in red more than enough times and had to avoid it for a while.Rediculous huh?
Anyway when I started wearing red again just recently,I realized I actually love the colour.

I wore this red skirt with a black sleeveless top and a black jacket.I added a scarf to the look and voila!!This is what became of the outfit.I never used to wear scarves and before wearing this one I'd had it for so long but now am convinced that I should get more of them.

Thanks Geophry for taking my photos and thank you all for stopping by.
Yours truly
Outfit details
Skirt-West Market
Jacket-bought it years ago at Mutindwa Market