Unintentionally Maroon

Hey guys!
Clearly,I took these photos in the rain for the love of the job coz I didn't think it would stop raining but it did later and I continued with the shoot in the sun.I wonder why I didn't just wait.I say unintentionally maroon because in the morning,I was in black heels but when the rain started pouring,I reached for these tall maroon boots.By the time my sister Lorraine started taking the shots,my hair,tank top and boots were all a match since av been rocking maroon hair these days.

 I wore this animal print top that has a peak detail at the back with a maroon tank inside it because it would have been a little too skimpy for a daytime look.I threw on some black pants and these maroon boots that are among my favourite ones.I know it's very matchy matchy but I would wear this intentionally some day.
 Some shoe cam for the boots.

And just some shots of how the struggle began with me holding on to my umbrella trying to get the whole look captured.

 Thanks for stopping by,till next time,I remain yours truly
 Outfit details
Boots-Donholm Market
Maroon tank-Thrifted


  1. I intentionally had to comment..looking good.Thanks to the rain coz that umbrella makes the look more swaggy

  2. Haha perhaps it should rain more often if the umbrella adds to the swag,thank you.