Chino Love

Hello Guys!!

 Notice how sometimes it's the simple things that really make the big difference ?
It's just a thought that crossed my mind when I was walking around today.

 I love me a good pair of chino pants and these brown one in particular saved me on one of those days I woke up,looked through my clothes and made that very common statement lots of ladies make in the morning "I have nothing to wear."I just decided to wear it with a combination of a number of black pieces.A black,slightly baggy top,black earrings and a pair of black shoes with silvery detail to match the silver on my earrings.

 I wanted to wear this particular black blazer because it was very windy and just a bit cold,so I just folded the sleeves to give it a boyfriend jacket appearance,added a brown bracelet and neck piece, and opted for a simple, brown,leather clutch bag for a classier look.Simple but totally works.

 Thanks for stopping by...
Yours truly
Outfit Details
Chino pants -Ngara
Shoes -Store in Eldort
Top-West Market
Jacket-Mutindwa Market