Easy Weekending

 TGIF Guys!!

 Hello there,hope you're as ready for the weekend as I am.It's a hot one ahead but also a promising one.

 My post today is that of a look I donned a few Saturdays ago when I had to go to class for a discussion before a test.It was a hot day so I figured a white pair of pants would go well with a simple neutral vest.Gray just seemed to be a little less obvious then compared to either black or white.I wore my favorite cap and maroon earrings to match it.A little red on the lips added some girl factor to the chilled look.

 I added this short sleeved denim shirt and opted for flats.This look only needed this kind of bag to complete it with ease.Great and comfortable for a Saturday discussion.

Thanks for stopping by.Enjoy your weekend.
Yours Truly
Outfit details
Pants-West Market
Cap-Street market Eldoret
Denim vest-Thrifted
Flats-West Market
Bag-took from my little sister
Vest-West Market