New Beginnings,Girl On Fire

 Hey Guys!!!
Happy 2015...It's a happy new year indeed,a new beginning for all of us and with it comes lots of dreams and expectations.If you have resolutions,I hope they are realistic and that you'll keep them in mind for the rest of the year lol but if you're not the resolution-making kinda person there's nothing wrong with that ...So I don't know about you,but this girl here is on fire!!!

I am ready for 2015 and everything that comes with it.There are a number of things I want to do  this year.I don't categorize them as resolutions,just goals and of course nothing says "am ready for action" quite like red.Red is a colour of passion and action which is why I'm in a red top on this first post of the year.

I wore this red top to a daytime party in the neighbourhood  right before the new year.Hot red that screams "I'm here" at the entrance lol. It's a mono sleeve top that has a chiffon detail that makes it fancy and edgy with some silvery spikes at the shoulder area.I wanted to add to its edge so I wore it with a black cap turned to the side,some simple earrings and went  with black pants and some ankle boots.I also carried this black bag that's been with me for years.It's like an old friend.

I also decided to take some photos with my sache just for the fun of it because I really hadn't done it since the competition. I don’t know ,it just felt good to do it.

Thanks alot for stopping by...Hope you keep up with "My Style Situation" this year as I do my best to make it better.I also pray that we all become better people.
Yours Truly
Outfit Details
Boots-Donholm Market
Earrings-Jewellery Shop in Nairobi