50th Post: Loving Vintage

 Hey guys!!

 So this happens to be my 50th blog post and am greatful that you're still keeping up with me....This has got to be one of the most interesting dresses I own.See there's a Columbian soap my sister loves to watch called "The Voice of Freedom" which is acted in a vintage kind of setting whereby the ladies and little girls wear dresses that look like this one.Well,sort of.Wearing this one kinda made me feel like I was in those yester years.Even the hair was perfect for the outfit.I must say whoever created this one really knew her craft.Just saying.

 The dress's fabric is so comfortable and the length very decent.I just love that it has a Chinese -like collar and the checkered detail around the neck area,the waist part and a little above the helm is beautiful. Ofcourse I can't overlook the laces on the sleeves and collar area.I paired it with some Asos shoes and a black leather bag which I carry around very often.I could just twirl and swing my hips in it all day.Believe me,when I saw this dress during a thrifting expedition I knew I had to have it because I'd never seen any like it.Hope you love it too.

Thanks for looking in today..Till next time God bless and stay stylish

Outfit Details

Shoes-Shoe Shop in Eldoret
Bag-Street Market Eldoret