Creating An Illusion

So everyone loves the idea of long endless legs..They are pretty admirable but unfortunately not everyone was created tall enough to have them naturally.Sad,but all is not lost ladies because once in a while you can create an illusion of long endless legs with just a few steps.

For this I wore a black high waist skirt.Remember the high waist nature of the skirt makes your legs appear as if they begin higher up than they actually do.

I then wore some black opaque stockings that usually make legs look leaner and subsequently longer.To finish up the illusion creation I wore a black pair of velvet shoes.How this works is that there's just one colour from the waist down to the shoes that sort of elongates you and you could achieve even better results by going for a higher heel.
Anyway with all that,I wore a white blouse with black floral print and introduced some color by adding red jewellery and this brown leather bag.
Totally works,you should try it some time.
Thanks for looking inTill next time God bless.
Outfit Details
Blouse-West market
Skirt -Ngara
Shoes-Donholm Market
Bag-Street Market Eldoret


  1. Hi Sophie, wow you are a style blogger too. Love this look, simple and chic. Cute!
    Thanks for coming over ;-)
    Cara @

  2. Thank you too...and you're welcome