That Professor Moment

Hello...Being a Monday,I thought this would be the perfect post.


I know these kind of glasses make one look more like a geek ,but honestly this time for me,wearing them with this whole outfit made me feel more like a professor.The photos reminded me of a  conservative lecturer or some kind of educator except I wasn't carrying a pile of books or a briefcase around..

So when I was younger I always thought that to be taken seriously you had to be in a suit and glasses because my dad always went to work in a suit and glasses .Although that's not true,it's not entirely wrong to say that a suit or maybe tailored pants paired with a blazer and glasses would make you look a little serious, though the glasses could make you look playful on the flip side depending on how you wear them and the type you choose.

I wore these pants with a matching black jacket,the same one I styled here  except I folded the sleeves,with a simple top and earrings to church a few weeks back.I added the maroon belt for a pop of colour and wore these brogues.I held my hair back and opted for this chocolate brown woven bag and to complete the look.

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Yours truly
Outfit details
Top-Langas Market
Pants and Blazer-Buru Buru
Earrings-Ngara Bag-Langas Market