A Little Playful

Buenas tardes my friends!!Hoping all's well.One of the things I love doing most is just hanging out with my little brother Josh when everyboody else is not around.We get to do a number of stuff and I love every bit of it.Everyone thinks I spoil him because I indulge him a little too much but hey,he is my only brother at the end of the day and I'm the eldest of the four of us,so I feel like he deserves all my attention.At least he doesn't misuse it.So this was one of those days and this is what I wore for a little walk around the hood with him.
Ok I might have had a little too much fun while posing for the photos.Anyway just a white tee with some graphics on it and an A-line skirt did it.I just added a belt,geek glasses and wore some boots .While I was shopping for hats some time back,I came across this one.I wasn't going to buy it,I just tried it on because I thought I would look ridiculous in it,it was part of a joke but one Geophry who was with me at the time decided to buy it for me instead because he loved it lol.I couldn't believe it.Funny enough I figured I might as well wear it some time and ended up liking it with this outfit.It gave it a playful touch.Sorry some photos were a bit too bright because of the sun shining bright on my white tee.

Thanks for stopping by.

Outfit Details
T-shirt-West Market
Skirt-West Market
Boots-Random store in Eldoret
Hat-Street Market Eldoret


  1. Thanks Zarrah,I already checked it out.

  2. You look faboulous. I hope this doesn't sound weird; I find your collar bones beautiful.


    1. Thanks Nwamaka haha I must say that has got to be the most unique compliment I've ever received because I never think much about my collar bones so thanks for that too

  3. Hello Nagehan,I appreciate your stopping by and most especially your following me,I will definitely check out your blog.Thanks

  4. Playful indeed. Nice combination. Love the boots.


  5. west market? Makes me want to move to Eldoret lol


    1. Haha well it isn't such a bad idea especially if you're not afraid of dust and love to shop..Thanks for stopping by