Keeping It Rosy

Hello there.This is something I wore some Sundays back.It was a very bright day so I figured I might wear something nice and bright to keep up with the weather.I went for a pair of leggings and this maroon top then decided to add something on top of it.I kept it rosy by wearing this pink top that gave the look some extra cuteness.

You probably can tell by now that I'm a big fan of anything that somehow brings attention to my waist area.In this case this long, pink, oversize top did it just right.The fact that it's a little big and bright but allows me to tie a skinny black belt to accentuate my waist is good enough.I just added a black hat and then opted for these peep toe heels and bag for a dressier look.

Thanks for visiting,remember your thoughts and comments on all posts are always highly welcome.Have a lovely weekend.
Yours truly

Outfit details
Pink overall top-Thrifted
Maroon Top-Mutindwa Market
Shoes-Donholm Market
Hat-Stret Market Eldoret


  1. LOvely pink overalls.
    I love it and i love pink too

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  2. Thanks Rafaela,it's great you stopped by

  3. Beautiful look, love the pop of colours.

    1. Guess the pink and maroon really popped.Thanks Sophia

  4. This is a very vibrant look. If that pink top is ever in a giveaway..put me in first consideration.

    1. Haha consider it done.A pretty good idea that is and ofcourse you'll be the first in consideration.Thanks Linet

  5. I love the pink overall top, it almost looks like a dress. This is such a fun look, nice play on those colours.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Sarah..Yeah it does look a lot like a dress I guess that is what increases the fun in the outfit.