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Hey guys..The best part about blogging is it makes you think of many different ways of wearing a piece of clothing you own.I just love playing around with my clothes when I'm at home,I try to come up with different styles when am free and if I'm lucky,my brother can take photos of the full outfits.Just like he did here.

 I have never actually styled this skirt in my blog but I've had it for a while and usually I wear it with a pair of stockings,heels and a white long sleeved blouse to class,or a top and boots when am going out with friends.This time I decided to merge those ideas to create this look.I went for boots and this berret I've had for long but have never worn.You might recognize the pink blouse from here,what I wanted to do was keep the blouse idea but exchange the white with a sleeveless pink for colour.I accessorized with a black bag, white pearls and pink loops.

The addition of the glasses was a last minute decision.In the end this is what I came up with and decided that the only thing missing from this is a nice,warm,black trench coat that's up to the knees so that I wear this outfit with its addition when the cold weather returns.That way,it would be worth wearing the berret and boots.Can't wait.What do you think?
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Outfit Details
Blouse-West Market(similar here)
Skirt-Mutindwa Market
Boots-West Market


  1. that's a cute outfit! seems to match your personality

    1. Oh haha thanks Ronlet,sweet of you to say that

  2. I love how you pull it off.
    That pink is so fab.

    Check my new post.

  3. Thanks zarrah and ofcourse I'll check out your new post