Tartan Skirt


 Hey guys..Happy new week.I remember when I was still little I had a tartan skirt almost like this one,one that I loved to bits.I'd wait for my mum to wash it for me and every time she would let me wear it I felt so cool and cute.I'd been looking for one for so long and finally,tata!!Found this red one.

 I went for a simple look by wearing it with a grey vest and accessorized with yellow button earrings and a yellow belt.I also opted for a brown leather bag.I decided that boots were the way to go on this one and for that extra cuteness,I simply tied my hair up.I also threw a light black jacket over the vest.
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Outfit Details
Top-West Market
Boots-Random store in Eldoret
Belt-Tom Mboya Street Nairobi
Bag-Langas Market