My Casual Season

Hey Guys!!!Sorry I missed a bit but now am back.Goodness I've been going through a tough phase that's been teaching me alot about life because it comes with ups and downs so I've been so busy.Anyway the reason why I didn't post on Friday is because I was busy preparing for something big that bore so much fruit that I've never felt so fulfilled.Wait wait...hold the suspense coz I won't tell you what it is today but I will soon.
Anyway I've been keeping it simply casual for the past two weeks since I've been running around so much which is why I'm sharing this look.Something very simple that gives room to run around in easily.Blue distressed jeans that I folded at the bottom,a white tee ad some gladiator sandals.I then wore this shirt seen  hereas a vest.
Thanks for stopping by

Outfit Details
Jeans-Langas Market
Pink shirt-West Market
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret