Presenting Mr Moi

Hey Guys!!This is just a continuation of Monday's post That Cinderella Moment  which by the way if you didn't read you probably want to check out.You'll love it I promise.As I said on Monday,I wasn't the only one who won.There is a Mr in the competition's title and this guy in the shots is "The Guy" .Isaac Murithi is his name.The one who beat the rest to clinch the top title having displayed the best ,most creative and exemplary in all the six categories of that evening amongst the guys.Interestingly he has been featured on the blog before during my cultural week three part series here last year in the very first and second photo.I just saw it yesterday when I was looking at my top posts.Who knew it would come to this someday?

So he and I did a little fun shoot this past weekend as a way of appreciating what we were blessed with and here are some of the photos.I must admit that wearing these sache and tiara reminds me of how rewarding it is to have a combination of hard work,confidence but most of all God in your endeavours .Oh in case you're asking,the answer is no,we didn't plan on matching the red. I just carried the dress with me to class that morning because I had a test and went right to the studio afterwards where he later joined me dressed like this.Total coincidence.So over the next few posts I will be sharing the outfits I wore for the different categories in the competition and reasons why I chose them.Also some of the people I have to thank for my win will be featured.Stay tuned guys,great stuff coming up.
Thanks for looking in,I'm off to an exam.See you Friday


  1. Cute photos!!

  2. Congratulations to both of you on winning. Red looks great on you and I'm looking forward to seeing your other looks from the contest.
    Princess Audu