Sun,Shade and Shorts

And I thought the rain was back..Goodness it disappeared faster than I could say "it's pouring!".So many people shy away from taking walks when the sun is super hot like it is here,but walking still remains my favorite way to keep fit so I still do it.Actually I've never worked out so I take nice long walks every now and then and I love doing this coz I can still look pretty while burning calories in the process. I love to get some air,appreciate nature that God gave us, sometimes just to get away from everything for a while and ofcourse burn the calories all through this.One of my adventures led Geophry and I to this amazing place where we sat for a while away from all normalcy and took lots of photos shielded from the hot sun.

An easy outfit is what I chose.Some chekhed shorts with gold detail,a simple shirt and just a pair of flat shoes did it.I accessorized with some golden earrings and added an orange neck piece for extra colour.I also opted for an animal print bag of a colour almost similar to my shorts.What I was looking for was an outfit that incorporated bright and dull in a different way and that's what this came out as.Minimal make up gave that extra oomph and I was good to go.

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Outfit details
Top-Mtindwa Market
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret


  1. This is a nice and casual look!

  2. This look is perfect for going on trip.
    I love it
    The bag is so nice too

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  3. I salute anyone who can style a long short, I don know how you do it. Great look.

    1. Oh haha thank you Linet.Interesting and certainly great to be saluted