Miss Moi Files;The Intro

  Hey guys..Couldn't post yesterday but today,my intro outfit.Usually for these kinds of shows,the introduction is a uniform colour in this case,black and white.It's usually something simple because you don't get marks for this but oh well,girl's gotta make a good first impression.I chose to do precisely that using this little a-line skirt I got a short time ago which I believe is everything.I just wore it with a slightly ruffled black top and these black boots.I love a little colour so that's why I chose to tie a skinny pink belt.Am sorry today's photos are a little dark.My camera's flash is spoilt but I just had to take the shots.

I've got to say,that intro moment is the scariest but also the most exciting because it's the beginning of the showcasing of your creativity.I just kept remembering Tyra Banks' words "every hall way is a runway" and how this statement had helped me coz that's how I learnt the walk a while back and boy was I ready to hit the runway. Seeing the judges made my heart sink because they're a bunch of strangers who are paid to judge you by how you present yourself on a single night so it can't be easy then again nothing is impossible.So this was it,come Monday,the casual outfit.See you then.

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Outfit Details
Top-West Market
Boots-West Market
Belt-Street Market Eldoret