Colour Fiesta;Jumpsuit

Hey guys!I've had a very hectic week that ended in my travelling yesterday..I'm finally here in the city,far away from school for the next four months.However,that doesn't mean am going to have too much free time because am supposed to start my internship soon.Yeah am about to get really busy even though am at home but before that,I will take some time to relax a little.Before I go into the life of corporate attire,I have decided to make the most of the fun outfits I own,like say this very colourful jumpsuit.
 First I've got to applaud myself for being able to wear these kinds of outfits because if you'd met me not too long ago you would know that back then I wouldn't be caught dead in something like this, but now am enjoying having the colours on me.I think they're beautiful.Change of heart lol.I wore this jumpsuit with a pair of black gladiator sandals and carried a small chocolate bag,you know,just to tone it down a little bit.Didn't want the entire thing to be too shouting especially with my hair already that maroon.

Thanks for stopping by,enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Yours truly

Outfit details
Bag-Langas Market
Shoes-Random store in Eldoret