Style Feature Wednesday: Alice Mokirae

Hey guys!!So just taking a break from myself to feature this amazing lady,Alice Mokirae,  a student who just so happened to be my roommate this past academic year.A lover of  fun,life itself and just the general idea of being herself.A rather cheerful character who above everything keeps everyone she cares about in mind but my favorite part about her is that she never goes wrong in her dressing.This is a girl who oozes confidence in her own skin and has amazing curves reminding me of the likes of Kim Kardashian.

Her wardrobe preferences she says are little dresses that reach up to somewhere above the knee like the one she has on here and fitting skirts of the same length too but adds she's beginning to really admire the style of longer fitting skirts like this navy one.Although she can be spotted in heels once in a while,flats are her everyday preference.You may also spot her in a more urban look like the one below.
Well I don't know about you but I love her style.Nice and simple.The bee hive hair do in the first picture I so love because it makes the whole dress and heels look even classier.It's great that in the second look she paired a solid colored skirt with vertical stripes as it gives the illusion of a slimmer midriff which enhances her curves and figure in general and the last look is my personal favorite for my love of hats.

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  1. Hello Alice. Great style and photos!

  2. Great looks!


  3. These Looks are so great :-*

  4. She looks amazing.
    Love her dresses.

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  5. Great post! Cute styles!

  6. Great styles!!

  7. She does know her style and she looks amazing. The second look flatters her figure most though.