After The Fantasy,The Christmas

December 25, 2015

Ho ho ho!Merry Christmas guys.I hope you're having a wonderful time and most of all,I hope you're thankful for seeing yet another one.I did the fantasy posts and wanted to end all this Christmas stuff with this post of this simple outfit.I am actually shocked at the number of red stuff I own.I had to dig deeper into my closet for some of the stuff I haven't worn in a while that's red and I found a good number.All for the season guys.
So when I was a little girl,I always understood Christmas as that time where by default my present would be a new dress,new shoes,a new hat and cute little bag all matching.These presents always got to me and the rest of the kids days in advance so we could try them on and get anything that was slightly out of place fixed ahead of a journey to our grandparents place where there would be a family gathering.Now if you're African you know how big our extended families usually are.The aim was always to eat,drink,dance and make merry on Christmas day and throughout the season and to especially stand out in your new attire.It was a Kenyan tradition for quite a while.
As we grew up,this tradition stopped as we slowly started to understand the meaning of Christmas day and season and stopped giving too much importance to material stuff.Families still get together at their ancestral homes to make merry and catch up.Lots of eating delicious food,all special dishes prepared at once for the day to be eaten after church.Of course after all that energy put into the frenzy of excitement you all go into while in church ,the singing and dancing you have to get it back somehow.
Another way people spend Christmas is going on vacations to beautiful places in our country especially to the coast.The sun is always up during this time and it's great to just enjoy the beach and everything.
The best way though is sharing with the less fortunate in society especially because in recent times the cost of living has risen so much.
Been there,done all that stuff but this year I am in good ol' Eldoret town with my family enjoying each other's company,food and the beautiful weather we have been blessed with.I am thankful that we're all together but of course my prayers and thoughts go to the rest who are not as lucky to have the much that I do because it is a season of love and being thoughtful.

Merry Christmas again and God Bless

Outfit Details
Top and leggings-Thrifted
Shoes-Shop in Eldoret
Woven clutch-thrifted

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  1. You look amazing hun! merry christmas <33

    Lots of love,
    Kayla Xx

  2. You look so beautiful. I love the color red. Merry Christmas, Sophie.

    1. Thank you Adriana.Happy holidays to you

  3. I really enjoyed knowing more about your Christmas :) Must be great too with that lovely climate (I don't like winter hehe). Love the look! It's chic yet very practical and perfect for the occasion! Merry Christmas, dear :)

    1. Thank you Tijana.Well maybe you should visit Kenya next December lol

  4. Red really suits you!
    Hope you're enjoying holidays!

    1. Thank you.I really am enjoying my holidays.Happy holidays to you

  5. Wow! you look so cute <33 love your style my dear :) Merry Christmas :)
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  6. You look so pretty! Great pictures! would love you to look up my blog, you're such an inspiration for me!

    1. Aww,so sweet of you to say.I will certainly look it up.Thank you so much Julia.

  7. You look very pretty and festive!
    Love your tunic and shoes!

  8. You've made me realize that I own very little red lol. LOVE the shades, looking great! Merry Christmas ��

    1. Thanks Crystal.Glad you stopped by.Happy holidays

  9. Such a pretty red dress
    Perfect look for the holidays

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  10. Gorgeous in red. Great look! Wishing you a very happy and relaxing weekend, doll!
    Much love, Len



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