Guest Post:5 Ways To Dress Better In 2016

Have you already started implementing your New Year resolutions? Well, it is not too late to add a new one. How about discovering your fashion sense and upgrading your style? Renewing your wardrobe and accepting new fashion ideas into your lifestyle is never a bad idea. This year, let your creativity flow; imagine yourself as a fashion model and let 2016 be your cat walk. These tips will show you how:
  • 1. Have Fun And Explore Your Style

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    The first rule of dressing up is that there are no rules. Fashion is like art, it is subjective and not everyone understands it. You need to explore different options, experiment with various styles and find the one that is suitable for you. Your complete outfit is a reflection of your whole personality. Make sure to find something that will perfectly depict you as a unique and wonderful human being. 
  • 2. Less Is More

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    If you are searching for a motto that will perfectly define the fashion trends of 2016, it will surely be that less is definitely more. This year do not overburden yourself with excessive accessories or too much layers; this year is all about minimalism. You can make an astonishing fashion statement just by wearing one or two garments. Also, dressing thinly does not necessarily mean looking cheap. Focus your mind on creating a dashing outfit comprising of only the necessary garments. 
  • 3. Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

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    2016 will be the year of vegan and organic beauty and fashion. Not only is it a trend nowadays to buy organic beauty products like 100 percent pure UK, but organic fabrics are also trending. You should think smart when choosing your clothing garments and the fabrics they are made of. The best solution is to pick out only natural fabrics like cotton, wool or hemp that are not only durable and quality materials but also provide warmth and comfort. When choosing shoes, make sure to choose quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain. 
  • 4. Wear Dresses More Often

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    Forget diamonds, dresses are definitely a girl’s best friend. There are tons of possible reasons why you should equip your wardrobe with different kinds of dresses. Other than the fact that they are light and comfy, they are also quite feminine and cute. Also, you can find a dress for almost any occasion, from formal events to those more casual settings. Put on a dress and a pair of heels and you are ready to go. Practical, trendy and comfy – what more could you want? 
  • 5. Find New Ways To Accessorize

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    Sometimes the details you choose make a bigger statement than your complete outfit. Because of this, make sure to wisely choose the accessories you are going to wear. Do not hesitate to experiment with different details and choose something out of the ordinary. Hippie scarves, head wraps, leather and gold details make a bold statement and also make a great addition for the following year.
    This is the year when you should get out of your comfort zone and embrace the fresh new trends that 2016 brings with it. Surprise yourself, do something different and show the world your new refined fashion sense. Let the artist in you take over and express your creativity through playing dress up. You can never go wrong with fashion; you can only improve your style. So get down to business and walk that 2016 runway.

    About the Author

    Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.


    1. Lovely post! I like the 'less is more' look!

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    7. Such a great guest post and I agree with Amy's tips. It certainly takes time to find one's style and sometimes, you may find that you don't tend to gravitate towards one in particular, but take inspiration from them all, like myself. It's all about feeling confident in the clothing you're wearing, even if it's a bit unexpected. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!



    8. One can never go wrong in dresses because they have the ability to ooze elegance and edge! I love the fact that accessories can take an outfit from the 0 to 100 in terms of fabulousity. Less results to simple and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Great tips Sophie!

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    15. I need to step up my dress game for sure this spring/summer. Thanks for the tips!


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