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Two months ago a friend of mine had me look at his year book and honestly I was just eager to get to the senior prom pages.Reason, I just wanted to see the Prom dresses the girls went for.Truth is I generally love taking a look at beautiful dresses.You probably know that if you've been following my blog and prom dresses certainly make the cut.I had the chance to go through the Sherry London website and came across some amazing dresses that go even beyond prom.Cheap prom dresses for the girl on a budget and others of many other prices  .I loved the short prom dresses, long prom dresses, all so beautiful.As you can see from the pictures the  black prom dresses and red prom dresses are quite the stunners and would certainly make one stand out anywhere but they have others for those who prefer other colors as you can see.If you would like to see more of the amazing dresses for prom and beyond prom ,which is something I'd advise if you love a dress that gives elegance and sophistication check out  prom dresses UK here and also   prom dresses 2016.
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  1. Amazing dresses xx

  2. These are all such lovely dresses, girlie! I'd have to say that the first four are my absolute favorite, so pretty! Thanks for sharing and I hope you're having a great day so far!



  3. These are so pretty and make me wish I had a gala to attend, just so I can wear one.


  4. Amazing dress!

  5. I never went to prom but watching the movies always gives me hope and talking about prom, these dresses are the perfect for prom night, they are chic, sexy and elegant!! The white one is my favorite, no I love them all actually.

  6. Great!

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  7. Looks like nice dresses.

    Gemma x

  8. she makes really gorgeous dresses!

  9. Oh wow! they are all cute, Thanks for sharing this amazing site with us, will surely check them out.

  10. Beautiful dresses. Thanks for sharing! xo, sharon

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