Breathtaking Styles for Different Prom Dress

If you want to stand out for prom with something different yet still keep things stylish and in-season, we have the perfect solution for you. With a little bit of digging, we have come up with a collection of prom gowns that showcase your individuality and help you stand out from the crowd.

Choosing something different that will get heads turning and girls wishing they thought on your wave-length, is easier than you may think. Exploring different designer gowns from Sherri Hill can be a perfect way of bringing your personal vision to life. The Sherri Hill line of gowns showcases femininity and elegance whilst remaining top of the list for Miss USA pageants!

Check out these prom dress designs if you want to wear something truly different for prom:

Ø  A vintage-inspired prom gown: something with a hint of vintage always goes down a treat for prom if done tastefully! From glamorous Art Deco dresses to Fascination gowns, you can really bring out your style with the right mix of old and new.

Ø  Two-piece with a twist: two pieces are definitely proving to be popular this year. However, going for a shorter skirt is still not really as popular. To keep things stylish but different, it’s well worth checking out these styles when you start searching for prom dresses. Don’t go down the typical route or where everyone will be looking if you want to stumble across something truly different. It takes a little bit of searching and innovative thinking on your part.

Ø  Cami-midi dresses: a chic option that almost looks smart-casual will really get heads turning for prom. This funkier style helps you stay true to your style whilst feeling completely comfortable.

Ø   Sheer skirts: sheer skirts look awesome and give your outfit that extra edge. To really stand out whilst looking feminine and elegant.

Ø  Think jumpsuits: completely unconventional for a prom dress but still completely acceptable, you can tap into your inner diva and completely pull it off. The right jumpsuit can still look classy, glamorous and edgy. If you want to be really adventurous, think about buying a leather jumpsuit for that extra kick.

Ø  Geometric patterns: something completely unexpected could be a dress with bright funky patterns. Completely unlike the norm, you get to showcase your style and confidence with this brilliant style. Graphic patterns can be eye catching so really help you showcase your individuality in the best light if chosen wisely.

The key is going somewhere that has the most up-to-date styles that cater for a range of style preferences. Prom Dress Shop has this year's hottest styles which feature some more daring choices for those that want to take a walk on the wild side for prom.

We hope we have given you some good ideas to get you started. Finding the right prom dress (or jumpsuit!) can be tricky if you want to go down the slightly more unconventional route. However, it’s definitely doable when you look in the right places and leave yourself plenty of time. 


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