Irresistible Me Professional Styling Iron Review

Remember the Irresistible Me flat iron unboxing post I did here?

Well time for a review.To be honest, the review should have been up quite some time ago but due to unavoidable circumstances, I was unable to post the original images that were meant for this particular post because I lost them accidentally.Technology issues That said though,meet my baby sister Lorraine.She's pretty right?
She's got very beautiful natural hair but it's also very tough and takes a while to "respond" to any heat so I thought,why not put the Irresistible Me flat iron to the test on her hair.At the time it was a little all over the place and this presented the perfect opportunity for a trial and review.

 We started by combing her hair a little using an afro comb.After that I switched on the iron and started to straighten her hair in small sections under medium heat.I however had to increase the heat because of her hair texture.
 Within some few minutes and a number of strokes later,we could already see the results.As one uses the flat iron you can see some smoke being produced as the hair passes through it but no worries because it doesn't exactly burn one's hair.It straightens hair very well.I was impressed because like my sister, I am also a naturalista and so is everyone else in our house and our concern is usually that sometimes hair stylists do not give us the results we want when we get our hair straightened.Sometimes it takes too long to get our hair fully straightened.
Anyway,my sister wanted some waves on her hair and a bit of a bob look and we were able to achieve that very easily using the styling iron.When I saw this,I couldn't wait to try it out on my own hair.So mine is less tough compared to my sister's and so the process is faster.Too bad no one was around to take my pictures so I could share them with you but there will be a time for that soon.
Meanwhile,I can say I am very happy with the results from the flat iron use.
  • It is not only a pretty one but is also easy to use.
  • I only needed to get an adapter because of the American plug.It is very easy to adjust the heat.
  • It is easy to adjust the heat.
  • |It is light enough to work fast with.
  • Best of all,it works so well on our kinky African hair.
Certainly something I would recommend.If you don't have one you should consider getting it for yourself from The Irresistible Me Website here.
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  1. Hi dear! You have a fantastic blog, I really like it!!!
    I'm following you now:)

  2. Yaaay! This is lovely! Glad to finally read this. Your sister is so cute and she looks like you and the iron did a great job, styled our kinky African hair so well o, I love that. Great review Sophie.

  3. This is so pretty! I love it, such a lovely review!

    Layla xx

  4. I received Irresistible Me's curling iron before as well. I hope you enjoyed the straightener as much as I enjoyed their curler.


  5. Loving the different styles you can accomplish with this flat iron! Your sister is so pretty!

    xoxo Rina

  6. great post :)
    love your blog! now i follow you on bloglovin and google+,i hope you follow me too!!!kiss

  7. I like that you can achieve different styles. Lovely review!


  8. This straightener sounds lovely! I have their curling wands and I really like them :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  9. Great flat iron!

  10. Love this straightner! I use it quite a few times xx