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September 09, 2016

The last time I talked about StyleWe on my site I was marvelling over their beautiful collection of dresses.Today I'm so much in love with these pants I came across while looking through their site.I would put all the pictures of the beautifully made pants into this post if I could but seeing that I can't, these will do.Can I just say I can't seem to get enough of the striped ones I've put up?My love for stripes keeps growing by the day and I'll be sure to get myself a pair soon.Well these are some of the pants on their website and you can shop now for whichever is your favorite among these and the rest that are on the actual StyleWe site.The high waist ones are my favorites especially because of how high waist pieces have a way of elongating one's legs and how classy they look.I can certainly see myself rocking the minimalist ones to an office with my confidence up because of how chic they are.Paired with a simple blouse and one would definitely stun.
Well you can follow StyleWe on twitter and instagram for constant updates on what's new on their site that's sure to keep you looking fabulous.
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  1. Gorgeous pants, I love them all..

  2. the pants look so amazing :) love the styles :)

  3. Great selection! Thanks for sharing. Gemma x

  4. now i really want some pinstriped pants!

  5. So great selection darling!

  6. looooving those blue high waisted and belted pants! Soooo pretty!
    xoxo, simona and indre

  7. These pants are so glam...I like many of them you introduced, especially grey and blue stripes ones...are so elegant and fashionable!!!Kisses

  8. These pants are so gorgeous , hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. Some of those pants are amazing! You can't beat a perfectly pair of tailored pants xx

  10. Love these outfits doll! Stunning :)

    Check out my latest collab with NA-KD Fashion, if you get a minute x

  11. Love your picks!!

    x Merel

  12. Wowm you have such a great style!! I think it is so hard to find a good pair of trousers but I love them all!! Xx Susanne

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  13. Nice picks!




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