How To Match Your Prom Dress With Your Make-Up

If you haven’t started planning your make-up, even if you haven’t thought about your prom dress yet, help is at hand! It’s great to get coordinated and know what you’re doing beforehand, but be wary of going overboard.

When it comes to matching make-up with a prom dress, it’s pretty simple. There are some general rules, however which we will outline in this article. When you carefully consider shades, glitters and tones and how these complement your gown, you can begin to coordinate your entire look. Once you do this, you are on track for looking absolutely dazzling for prom.

The make-up you choose really is an important part of your overall look for prom. So it’s great to plan ahead and figure out what it is you’re doing. Maybe you have yet to discover the prom dress for you. If this is the case, there’s an astonishing collection available at Peaches Boutique in Chicago.

Now let’s examine the make-up do’s and don’ts when it comes to matching them with your dress. Follow these tips to pull off the ultimate prom look:

Ø  If you are wearing a metallic dress: keep your eye shadow and lipstick subtle. Metallic is already a bold move, so you don’t want to overpower your look. Instead, go with some peachy tones, warmer gold or bronze to complement the metallic-coloured makeup nicely.

Ø  If you are choosing blue: go for the Smokey eyes with the winged eyeliner to polish it off. This helps you build a powerful look that won’t be forgotten. If you are confident with the eye shadow, you can layer shades and build up a deeper Smokey effect to add more of a ‘POW!’

Ø  Wearing emeralds or pastels? You can go for something more intense with the eye shadow shade. Think vibrant violets or intense pinks. Alternatively you could opt for the natural look, which also suits those dress shades well.

Ø  Got a red prom dress in the closet? Here’s what to do with your make-up: red can be a bold and sexy shade. Complementing it with a brown eye-liner or faint brown eye shadows is the way to go and can finish off the overall look nicely.

Ø  Wearing a dark gown? A subtle metallic on the eyelids with a neutral light lipstick will look just stunning. Think about gold eye shadows, and it will really stand out against the darker shades of prom dresses. Opt for matte lipstick to get a long-lasting finish that doesn’t fade over the night.

Ø  Wearing white? You can get pretty creative with white prom dresses as it’s such a neutral shade – pretty much anything would go! However, something that pops such as orangey and bright red lip colours can be a great move. Think minimal with the eyeshades and eyeliner to keep it elegant!

Peaches Boutique offer a great selection of prom dresses that are trendy in 2016, so you can choose something that looks like it’s taken straight off the catwalk.


Following these tips will get you complementing your make-up with your prom dress to look perfect for your special night!


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